The proper maintenance and use of your carton sealing machine are critical to its performance and longevity. Provided that your sealing machine is well taken care of, it will serve your purpose and your business operations for many years to come. To help your enterprise reach its maximum throughput, consider the following expert tips to properly maintain your packaging machine. 

  1. Implement a Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

Industry experts tout proper care and preventive maintenance practices as paramount to a longer machine lifespan. More than just having a preventive maintenance schedule in place, if you will not try to adhere to it then it will be of no use and will not serve its purpose for your machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The purpose of having a machine maintenance schedule in place is to keep major disasters and minor problems at bay, thereby lessening the likelihood of unscheduled downtime for your manufacturing operations. To give you an idea of what maintenance task should be comprised of, consider the following 

  • Machine inspection
  • Replacement of worn machine parts
  • Monitoring parts regularly
  • Lubricating the machine
  • Ensuring there is an adequate stock for high wear parts. 

     2. Combine With Autonomous Maintenance Tasks

Pair your in-depth assignment with simple, task-based activities that are regularly executed by trained machine operators. Machine operators are delegated with tasks that they need to carry out on a daily, week, biweekly, monthly or quarterly intervals. 

Most of the time the said tasks contain simple visual cues, and since your machine operators over time become highly familiar with the machine they are assigned with due to repeated maintenance tasks they perform on it, they are often the first ones to detect when something about it is “off” before another slated OEM technician inspection visit would take place. 

3. Partner With Reliable Packaging OEMs

Every single time that your carton sealing machine is down, it creates a ripple of negative impact on your overall operation. Every second that your machine is not working okay counts. 

In the ideal world, the normal practice you do before acquiring any piece of equipment it is to have the OEM properly vetted first so you can familiarize yourself, learn about the important details of their methods of contact, technical service availability, and most importantly related costs.  

4. Understand Your List of Itemized Spare Parts 

If you acquired and made a purchase for a sealing machine, or for any type of equipment for that matter, you must provide your OEM with their list of recommended spare parts.  

5. Plan for Upgrades and Obsolescence

Much software applications, carton sealing machines and similar pieces of equipment require upgrades. In some instances, it necessitates that you replace certain components due to it being made obsolete, and thus OEM can no longer support it. Technology, in all forms, is fast-changing, fast-developing these days, and your sealing machine equipment is not an exception to that.  


You can’t afford to be taken aback or get yourself caught up by surprise for your packaging machines preventive maintenance. Besides these points given above, you need to identify what other maintenance tips would be necessary for the type of packing machine you have. 

Keeping a maintenance checklist and planner in hand will help ensure your manufacturing firm’s level of productivity would always be at its maximum throughout the service life of your packaging equipment.

Vacuum seal machine may not be the most interesting topic for everyone, it may not even perk up interest if you will bring this up for some discussion in a huddle. But for those whose business is involved in the packaging industry, it completely defines the difference they can make in terms of leading the race and setting standards. For these people, it is but right to speak anything about it in favorable terms.

 Tips for Optimizing Your Vacuum Seal Machine

People have little awareness that these type of packaging machines for various products would have an impact on their lives in one way or another. A typical example of which is the vacuum sealed food items you see in a local store. Most of which need no refrigeration and thus helping consumers save on costs. This is helpful in making food prices for the end consumer as low as they could possibly be.  

Vacuum Seal Machine for Business Application

Gone are the days when only vegetable and fruit exporters have sole access to topnotch vacuum sealing machines. If the past few economic slumps did something good to the world of business, it is the fact that it helped pull down prices for some commodities and fortunately, this helped pull down the price tags for the then-exorbitant vacuum packing machines.

Small scale businesses now have access to vacuum packaging machines. They are an invaluable tool in growing your business interest, but one drawback we can see from here is that these companies are lacking in technical expertise in as far as keeping the machine in tip-top shape is concerned.

In the absence of good maintenance for these machines, it is likely that somewhere down the road something about it could go wrong while it is being used. If something to that effect happens, it could create an adverse impact on your business and its overall operation. It is highly suggested that you keep an eye on the following:  

The Seals

The very quality of seal that you have for your product offering will determine the level of success that your business will have in the market that it is catering its service or product to. To ensure that the vacuum created by your vacuum sealer is secure, the entire area of the bag itself needs to be clamped by the machine. The air, then, could be sucked out.

The seal is likely to wear out over time. If this happens, you may not be able to create another seal for it.

See: shrink film

The Heating Strip

Normally, the heating strip would be protected by a Teflon covering. This is helpful in keeping the strip from ever sticking to the bag. Depending on how careful you are in using your vacuum packing machine, with proper maintenance and care, it may actually last for a couple of years. The moment that you noticed that the strip is now sticking to the bags, know that it is indicating sign to look for that you may need to have it replaced soon.  

Make Use of the Right Bags for Your Products

It is crucially important to use of the right kind of bag for the type of sealing machine you have. There are several different types of vacuum sealer bags to choose from. For as long as you are using the right one, you packed food item or perishable good is bound to last longer than it’s anticipated shelf life.

If you want a sealer bag that will work well many units, you may need to look for a universal sealer bag instead. As for the commercial sealer bags, they are ideally used for specific establishments like butcher shops, restaurants, and many other industries or establishments that are related to food.

If you are a general consumer and have a penchant for buying your food in bulk or large quantities or you like to freeze your cooked meals for later consumption, you can acquire sealer bags that can be used for this purpose. You can put a label on them for easy identification or for best before date consumption.  

Sydney Catering Ideas for Your Next Event

It is never easy to host an event no matter how fun it seems like. It can be very challenging considering the fact that it involves so many things. But the best thing that one can do is to get organized. It also pays to apply some of the best Sydney catering ideas that can help ensure that the event will be a successful one. Below are some more catering tips that you can also consider.

Catering Tips

If you have plans of having a banquet, it will help to know some great ideas that can help you get started. Just be sure to keep these things in mind to have a wonderful banquet experience.

Type of Banquet

The first thing to consider is the kind of banquet that you plan to hold. If it is a corporate awards or business meeting kind of banquet, it calls for a formal menu and atmosphere. The same goes if it is a wedding. On the other hand, if it happens to be a teen banquet or just another formal occasion, then you can be less sophisticated when it comes to your menu.

Location of the Event

When it comes to Sydney catering ideas, knowing the location of the event should never be missed. Doing this will help the caterers have a better idea of where and how they would set things up. If there is a need to rent additional items like tables, chairs, plates, or silverware, then the caterer would be able to help immediately. They would not be able to help you if they are not aware of the things you need.

In addition, they also have a better understanding on how many servers will be needed and what the set up will be like. If there is no location in mind when choosing a catering service company, the caterers can give you some recommendations.

Menu Planning

When planning for the menu, it is very important to discuss it with the head chef. Avoid dealing with the manager or sales representative of the company. The chef can better advise of which specialties can be prepared and to recommend the best dishes that the guests will like.

Serve Small Portions

One more good tip is to serve small portions of different courses. Doing this will ensure that the guests will not get full immediately so they can maintain their interest in the food. Make sure also that you focus on the presentation so the foods look attractive. With this, no one will feel deprived by smaller portions. Instead, they will be impressed by how the dishes look.

Food catering is a big job and can be very challenging. But as long as you keep these ideas in mind, you can always impress your guests by giving them a memorable experience.

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In the world of shrink wrapping, there is a wide selection of machineries available in different speeds and sizes. Prices differ according to operation and features. Manual shrink wrapping systems are obviously cheaper than fully integrated shrink wrapping systems. The variety of the shrink wrapping machine becomes even more complex when it is incorporated with integrated tray erectors and loaders. Here are the major shrink wrap machine types:


Transit shrink wrap machine

Transit shrink wrapping machines are typically used for products arranged together in a cardboard tray such as jars and cans. In this case, the shrink wrap holds the products together. The simplest manual transit shrink wrap machine has two reels of film and a straight line sealing jaw. You simply push the product through the film, and then bring down the sealing jaw by hand to cut the film and seal the product. Heat is then applied with either a heat gun or a shrink tunnel, shrinking the polyethylene film around the product. There are also semi-automatic and fully automatic transit wrap machines.

L-seal shrink wrap machine

There are five types of the L-seal style wrapping machine: the chamber, manual L-seal, semi-automatic, fully automatic L-sealer, and the fully automatic side sealer.

The chamber is an all in one L-seal machine, where you can have the product pushed into the film, seal it, and then heat it, shrinking the film. When you remove the wrapped product, another can be loaded to the hood.

The manual L-seal provides greater versatility compared to the chamber type, but it can take up more space. You need to bring down the L bar manually with your hand. Then, while the next product is wrapped, the finished one is manually heated by a heat gun or transferred into the heat shrink tunnel.

With the semi-automatic machine, the sealing head comes down at the press of the button. Then, a conveyor moves the wrapped product automatically into the heat shrink tunnel.

With fully automatic L-sealer, a conveyor belt takes the products automatically from a production line. The blade and sealing unit work automatically as well. The wrapped products are also transferred automatically via a conveyor belt into the heat shrink tunnel.

The fully automatic side sealer has a cutting blade with a continuous motion, which forms the long side of the L-seal, and another blade forms the short side of the L. This enables long products to be wrapped without requiring a bigger machine.


Flow wrap machine

This type of shrink wrapping machine is often for high-speed applications, which can be up to 120 packs per minute. This machine is usually used to wrap leaflets and magazines.


Shrink tube, sleeve or label shrink wrap machine

Shrink tube, or the sleeving machine are usually for medium to high-speed use, and is typically used for packaging bottles. The film is dropped unto the bottle and then the product passes through the heat shrink tunnel. With this machine, you can use label sleeves.



Choosing the right machine for your packaging requires a good understanding of your production process. You should think about the purpose of the packaging, the speed of the production process, the range of sizes required for packaging, among other things. Whatever your wrapping needs are, there is always a shrink wrapping machine available to meet your application.


To create beautiful decorations, prepare delicious food and provide the best service to clients is what any home catering business wish to offer. But though starting a home catering in Sydney may sound so exciting, it is not good to just jump on it immediately. The thing is, it is easier said than done.

If you want to start one the right way, here are some steps that you can follow and will serve as your guide so things will be a lot easier for you.

Enroll in a Cooking School

So, how do you start with your home catering business? One of the best advantages that would prove to be very useful is when you have attended a culinary school, more so if it’s a reputable one. Such school would be able to improve your talent in cooking and will allow you to learn various cuisines, develop your managerial skills, and art of food presentation.


Cook different Types of Dishes

Practice makes perfect. One practical way to go about your own quest on your home catering services in Sydney business is to practice cooking different kinds of dishes. You can even invite some of your friends and family members to have a taste of your dishes. Then ask them what they think about your food and take note of the things that you can still improve. Also, you can volunteer to offer some food for some events and parties so you would know how people would respond to your food.


Set up your Catering Business

Prepare a Recipe Catalog- One of the secrets in a catering business is to always have your own recipes ready all the time. Start with 3-4 dishes, just make sure they are your specialties. Next, build up on appetizers, desserts, soups, and other main dishes.


Have your Business Plan

It is never possible to start a business without a business plan. You have to figure out you would want to run your business. Are you going to do it alone or with a partner?



Among the major challenges as you try to figure out how to start with your business is on how you will bankroll your business. One best advantage of a home-based catering business is that you can greatly cut down on your expenses such as rent.


Come up with a Good Business Name

Give your business a good name. Make sure that it is one that is easy to remember and will be applicable to your business. Then, have it registered.


Get a Business License

While you do your research on having a home catering business, you will discover that there so a lot of health and sanitation regulations that you need to know. Acquire the necessary requirements from your government agencies and do all the paperwork before getting a license.


Market your Business

As soon as you have acquired your business license, you can start marketing your business. Begin by offering catering services to corporate parties, charity events, and weddings.

So, there you have it. You now have a guide on how you can start your own catering business at home. Make sure to follow each of them carefully to avoid mistakes that could lead to problems.