The proper maintenance and use of your carton sealing machine are critical to its performance and longevity. Provided that your sealing machine is well taken care of, it will serve your purpose and your business operations for many years to come. To help your enterprise reach its maximum throughput, consider the following expert tips to properly maintain your packaging machine. 

  1. Implement a Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

Industry experts tout proper care and preventive maintenance practices as paramount to a longer machine lifespan. More than just having a preventive maintenance schedule in place, if you will not try to adhere to it then it will be of no use and will not serve its purpose for your machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The purpose of having a machine maintenance schedule in place is to keep major disasters and minor problems at bay, thereby lessening the likelihood of unscheduled downtime for your manufacturing operations. To give you an idea of what maintenance task should be comprised of, consider the following 

  • Machine inspection
  • Replacement of worn machine parts
  • Monitoring parts regularly
  • Lubricating the machine
  • Ensuring there is an adequate stock for high wear parts. 

     2. Combine With Autonomous Maintenance Tasks

Pair your in-depth assignment with simple, task-based activities that are regularly executed by trained machine operators. Machine operators are delegated with tasks that they need to carry out on a daily, week, biweekly, monthly or quarterly intervals. 

Most of the time the said tasks contain simple visual cues, and since your machine operators over time become highly familiar with the machine they are assigned with due to repeated maintenance tasks they perform on it, they are often the first ones to detect when something about it is “off” before another slated OEM technician inspection visit would take place. 

3. Partner With Reliable Packaging OEMs

Every single time that your carton sealing machine is down, it creates a ripple of negative impact on your overall operation. Every second that your machine is not working okay counts. 

In the ideal world, the normal practice you do before acquiring any piece of equipment it is to have the OEM properly vetted first so you can familiarize yourself, learn about the important details of their methods of contact, technical service availability, and most importantly related costs.  

4. Understand Your List of Itemized Spare Parts 

If you acquired and made a purchase for a sealing machine, or for any type of equipment for that matter, you must provide your OEM with their list of recommended spare parts.  

5. Plan for Upgrades and Obsolescence

Much software applications, carton sealing machines and similar pieces of equipment require upgrades. In some instances, it necessitates that you replace certain components due to it being made obsolete, and thus OEM can no longer support it. Technology, in all forms, is fast-changing, fast-developing these days, and your sealing machine equipment is not an exception to that.  


You can’t afford to be taken aback or get yourself caught up by surprise for your packaging machines preventive maintenance. Besides these points given above, you need to identify what other maintenance tips would be necessary for the type of packing machine you have. 

Keeping a maintenance checklist and planner in hand will help ensure your manufacturing firm’s level of productivity would always be at its maximum throughout the service life of your packaging equipment.

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